photo by 36neex

photo by 36neex

Cortney McCoy                                                                                         Founder & Owner of KoyLeans      

Born and bred in Carson, California. Evolving currently in Oakland. 

During my undergraduate studies at the Academy of Art University           in San Francisco, California, I discovered a passion for shooting and editing videos. This art form caught my curiosity then quickly gained my attention and unyielding devotion. After earning my Bachelor's degree in Multimedia Communications in Spring 2015, I dedicated all my time to mastering the minutia of capturing moving images in a stylized form. That year, I became my own professor curating a curriculum that best suited my needs with assistance from the internet and lots of YouTube editing tutorials. As my storytelling skills developed I furthered my studies in learning the anatomy and technicalities of a digital camera.  With my camera and zeal to capture something from my perspective I hit Oakland's underground culture scene, capturing a world of color with music and life at the helm.  Expanding my reach into the world of 'the culture' is the current goal...becoming a Video Director is inevitable.

Self taught, hungry and will stop at nothing to tell the greatest story through a unique lens. 




All  photos & videos on this site were taken and edited by Cortney McCoy.